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Main suppliers and manufacturers


Cole-Parmer is committed to provide quality products and services to the research and technical community around the world.

Cole-Parmer provides its customer with more than 40,000 products suitable for a wide range of applications. All those products are backed and supported by highly knowledgeable sales, application and customer’s service staff.


Alvo Medical provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres, hybrid operating rooms, ICU/NICU units, surgical preparation rooms and other hospital areas.

We install ORs and manufacture medical equipment for hospitals all over the world since almost 25 years:

modular walls and ceilings, operating tables, surgical scrub sinks, OR doors, medical trolleys, patient transfer systems and furniture. The ALVO Integra solution for complete integration of devices and medical image management enhances workflow efficiency and improves patient care in the OR.


RITTER Engineering has been successfully working in the field of plastic engineering for 60 years. Among other products.

RITTER - manufactures Gas Flow Meters made out of various superior plastics and high grade stainless steel, which are used world-wide in research & development laboratories as well as in industry.


EME Established in 1983, EME strengthened its brand on an international level, as a Leading company in the Production of electromedical equipment for physiotherapy, aesthetics and aesthetic medicine.


LAGIS LAGIS is a medical device development company incorporated in 2004 to design, patent, and market medical devices for the laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical markets.

The development of LAGIS endo-surgical devices is accomplished with the participation of leading surgeons, surgical residents, and operating room staff.

We are caring professionals committed to improving the health and well-being of patients around the world.


JMS JMS Singapore Pte Ltd or JMS(S) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JMS Co., Ltd.

Established in June 1979 with a paid up capital of S$16.0 million, this is our second JMS overseas project outside Japan to meet world-wide increasing demands for disposable medical products.


Medical Technology from Tuttlingen The concept "Medical Technology from Tuttlingen" stands for surgical and medical-engineering Instruments and Devices of highest quality as well as for dynamic and progress.

Located at the world centre for Medical Technology in Tuttlingen / Germany, AMNOTEC with several decades of experience is one of the leading ambitious medical device manufacturers and suppliers.


Designs for Vision Over 70 years ago Dr. William Feinbloom founded Designs for Vision in the back of a small doctor's office in Buffalo, New York.

The mission of the company, was through research and development, to help people from all walks of life to better realize their full potential through better vision.

Designs for Vision continues today its mission of applying optical research and design to help people see better.

The precision optical research and manufacturing done by Designs for Vision is among some of the most sophisticated in the world. Designs does additional research for major companies such as Hitachi (MRI Optical Lighting).


Hico Founded by Hans Hirtz in 1945, the Cologne-based company Hirtz & Co. KG is run in the fourth generation by the Hirtz family.

Today, the company stands for expertise in medical technology sold under the brand name HICO Medical Systems.

What started as a wholesale business for medical products and devices has developed - thanks to in-house innovations - into a major medtech company.

The product portfolio comprises hypo-/hyperthermia systems, decubitus prevention and treatment solutions as well as inhalation devices. HICO Medical Systems "made in Germany" stands for maximum precision, reliability and a high level of serviceability - no matter where in the world our devices are employed.


Uniflex-Hydraulik Uniflex-Hydraulik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative systems for hose assembly production and processing for 45 years.

With up-to-date and robust technology, UNIFLEX satisfies even the most exacting demands of customers as far as hydraulic crimpers and peripheral equipment for industrial and service companies are concerned – as a manufacturer and a global supplier.


Guangzhou Improve Medical Instruments Co., Ltd hereinafter referred to as “Improve Medical”, established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise which provides relevant technologies, products and services for Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Nursing.

In 2009, Improve Medical became a listed company on the Growth Enterprise Board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Right now Improve Medical has become the leading enterprise in domestic high-end market and one of the main suppliers for Evacuated Blood Collection System in the world.


BLZ Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology innovation company which is founded by a team of doctors and masters, focusing on intelligent robot and machine vision.

One of the matured products of BLZ is Vein Finder/Vein Imaging System, which is a medical device, it is in the leading position among the similar products and widely sell to tens of countries all around the world.

VeinSight™ vein finder can projects accurate and real-time vein image on the skin of patient, which can be used to find and evaluate the patients’ veins helping nurse to do vein puncture. increasing first vein puncture attempt successful rate and patients’ satisfaction.


Sama Al Sahel Ind. is a hygienic manufacturer, a progressive company with diversified interests in marketing, manufacturing, research and development in areas of OTC (Over the Counter), Hygiene, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Industrial & Detergents. Sama Al Sahel Ind.

is a GMP certified manufacturing company that was designed and built according to modern manufacturing standards, intended to offer quality products within & outside UAE.